Biography of a Film

So, things have been quite the rollercoaster ride for the past month. I have been polishing a feature script for the past six months, and it has drastically changed in the past couple. It's funny how a story evolves and changes and it's not even the same one you'd thought was a winner.

I bought "The Making of Star Wars" a few weeks ago, and read it cover to cover. It's like an biography for a film, you see all the pitfalls and lucky breaks... and backbreaking labor it takes to MAKE A MOVIE. George Lucas went through four drafts... four COMPLETELY different stories and even then was changing it in the middle of filming. Despite hostile environments, hostile crews, hostile studios and an effects crew seemingly more interested in experimenting rather than creating... he did it. Absolutely not to his satisfaction, but he changed filmmaking and the world of many- including myself. But he did it- and it was through SHEER determination.

However, you can't confuse determination with stubbornness... there's a difference. Determination is borne of careful thought, planning and a sheer vision - ignited by passion... it gets done because there is no other way. Stubbornness is self-effacing, borne from it's own personality and ego. Surely, being stubborn is not totally a bad trait, but doing it for it's own sake is dangerous. One could even argue that being stubborn is essential to determination. Sure, if that's the spice on your shelf. But it can never replace sheer vision and passion. If you have those two, you're okay in my book.


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